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Anyone who is interested in our entrance exam should go to eastlakeohio.com and visit the on the notifications board page. Then click on the full time police opening to be directed to the national site.

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History of the Eastlake Police Department

The first police chief for the Village of Eastlake was Richard Taylor. He started as chief in 1949, working for no pay and using his own car to patrol the village streets.

The village officially became a city in 1955. Chief Taylor and his part-time policemen worked out of the first police station, a small building at the intersections of Roberts Road, Beachpark, and Lakeshore Boulevard. The police station consisted of a small room that contained a desk, two chairs, and two file cabinets. The rest of the building was the city hall and clerk’s office. The building later became Steve’s Barbershop.

The second police station was a little larger room in a concrete building that also was used as the city hall and clerk’s office. This station had its first prison holding cell, a steel cage constructed in a section of the Hinkle service garage. The location of this building was known as the Hinkle Block and it is located across from the Subway shop on Lakeshore Boulevard.


Our Mission

To serve and protect persons and property in Eastlake in accordance with federal, state and local laws and ordinances; To be responsive to the citizens of Eastlake and its government; To cooperate with various governmental agencies, not restricted to Eastlake, when such cooperation is desirable and/or necessary.

The mission is to be accomplished by maintaining the highest ethical standards of conduct: by safeguarding citizens' rights, applying the law with consistency, and treating the public with dignity, respect, and courtesy.

Eastlake Police Department Building

Contact Us

Eastlake Police Station
35150 Lakeshore Boulevard
Eastlake, Ohio 44095

Office Hours:
8:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.

Emergency? Dial: 9-1-1
Phone: 440-951-1400
Fax: 440-951-7781

Tips? Email us!

Chief Larry Reik
440-951-1400 ext. 224

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